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Adoption FAQs2019-09-23T23:31:19+00:00
Are adoptive parents eligible for subsidy?2018-03-22T22:28:41+00:00

Subsidies are available for children with special needs; eligibility is determined pursuant to the State of Nevada definition of a special needs child.  Once eligible, the type and amount of a subsidy are determined in a review of needed resources in conjunction with the needs of the child.  Subsidies are provided in the form of medical and/or financial assistance.  For further information please see the Post Adoption Assistance section of the website.

Are we told everything about the child? (i.e. medical history, family situations, education, religion, employment, background of parents, reasons for relinquishment, etc)2018-03-22T22:31:54+00:00

In an agency adoption, adopting parents are told all known information about the child and his or her background. In cases of abandonment, little is known; otherwise the child`s history has been recorded and is shared with the adopting parents. Identifying information provided will depend on the type of adoption chosen by the birth and adoptive parents. Families adopting privately/independently have direct contact with the birth parent(s), and may have obtained this information of their own. Washoe County Human Services Agency adoption staff collects and records the information as a part of the adoption service, this information is provided to the adopting parents.

Do you have to become a foster parent in order to adopt?2018-03-22T22:12:34+00:00

No, within the recruitment and home study process you can identify your choice to become a foster parent or to be considered only as an adoptive placement.

What are the fees associated with adoption?2018-03-22T22:27:50+00:00

Fees are charged for non-special needs adoption based on a sliding scale approved through the Board of County Commissioners.  Fees for non-special needs adoption are split into two payments, one given pre-placement for completion of the home study, and the second for post placement supervision.

Fees associated with special needs adoption are typically waived with the exception of attorney’s fees, which are reimbursed up to $250.00.  Details on fees can be found within the Adoption Fees section of the website.

Who can Adopt?2018-03-22T22:11:28+00:00
  • Married or single people
  •  People of any race
  •  People of any religion or no religious preference
  •  People who work outside the home
  •  People who rent or people who own their own homes
  •  People with high or low incomes
Will we have a choice as to the child we adopt?2018-03-22T22:14:02+00:00

The preferred age, ethnic background, sex of child and number of children is specified by you in your application to an agency and is discussed during the course of the home study process. Your preference is respected by the agency. Similar interests, racial background, and intellect may be considered by your agency worker when placing a child with you. For example, a child with disabilities is not placed with a family who is not receptive to a child with disabilities. However, remember the more limiting you are in your choices, the longer it may take to identify a child for placement.

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