Meet the Kids

The main purpose of our adoption service is to find families for children, not children for families. Our program is child-focused. Families wishing to adopt are valuable resources to us for the placement needs of Washoe County’s children.


This child has siblings and an adoptive home would be willing to welcome all of the siblings. In some instances, the siblings may not be adopted together but it is necessary for the adoptive family to support an ongoing relationship with the siblings post-adoption. The child's assigned recruiter can provide information as to the sibling status.


The parental rights of the child have not been legally terminated. The child could potentially reunify with their parents, or it could be determined that the best interest of the child is to pursue termination of parental rights and adoption. The child's assigned recruiter can provide information as to the child's legal status.


Prospective adoptive parent or family must be living in the Washoe County area.


AGE 10
Cealy is a daring boy with an infectious smile.  He needs a family that can provide him love, acceptance and one on one attention.  Cealy is sweet, funny, and soft spoken.  He is shy at first upon first meeting someone new, but once he gets to know someone, he opens up.  He loves receiving individual […]


SIBLING(S) - Da’Michael
Michae’la is a very active, bright and sharp-witted little girl with a smile that will light up a room.  Just try not to giggle right along with her as she cracks herself up.  She is a happy child who enjoys making people laugh and engaging others in play.  Michae’la likes gymnastics, dancing/performing and in general […]


SIBLING(S) - Jordan
Dakoda is a sweet, loving kid who is smart and takes pride in his achievements.  He is currently into Pokémon and riding his bike, but also enjoys being outside playing with other kids.  He also loves his big brother and animals. Dakoda is part of a sibling set.  His older brother is Jordan.  Inquiring families […]


This mighty girl stays busy with her many interests! Rebecca loves singing, playing with her dolls and stuffed animals, and watching television.  She enjoys food and likes eating out at restaurants.  She stays active by dancing and jumping on the trampoline.  Rebecca loves school, is a strong reader, and enjoys participating in class discussions.  Rebecca […]


AGE 12
SIBLING(S) - Tyler
Angelina is friendly, affectionate, quirky and silly.  She is looking for a family who shares many of these same qualities and would do well with a nurturing maternal figure.  Angelina’s current caregivers love how she always greets them with a hug and they describe her as creative, a lover of animals both real and the […]


AGE 10
Meet this energetic young man, that is in search of his forever family. Micah enjoys listening to music (K-Love), likes dinosaurs, pirates, and has a great interest and knowledge of ships! He enjoys being active, swimming and jumping on the trampoline. Micah has a big imagination and is an elaborate storyteller. Micah needs a forever […]
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