Hello, I'm David

AGE 14
  • Free for adoption
  • Accepting local and out-of-state inquiries

David is longing for a forever family. This genuinely thoughtful boy is wise beyond his years and full of personality.  He loves to please others and is an excellent big brother who takes pride in looking out for his little brother.

David’s favorite super-heroes are Batman and Black Panther.  His favorite food is sushi and his favorite dessert is ice cream.  Foods he simply will not eat are tomatoes, sweet peppers, zucchini and mushrooms.  Although David admits if mushrooms are on his pizza, he won’t pick them off.  David says he is a dog person but will tolerate cats if they’re loving and cuddly.  David loves building Legos and will talk for hours about the ones he’s already built as well as those he’d like to.  David likes to play video games and dreams of one day having his own Xbox Series X and or a PS5.

David is hoping for a two-parent household where he is the only child.  His forever family will love him unconditionally, while providing a safe, structured environment where he can grow, thrive and heal.