Hello, I'm Jordan

AGE 17
  • Legal risk
  • Accepting inquiries for the siblings together
  • Siblings
  • Accepting local inquiries only
SIBLING(S) - Dakoda

Jordan is a funny, happy-go-lucky kid who generally gets along with adults and peers.  He is currently into things related to the paranormal, such as ghosts and other supernatural phenomena, but is also interested in girls and just hanging out, having fun with his friends.  Jordan also loves sports- especially playing football, and feels he’s pretty good at it too.

Jordan is part of a sibling set.  His little brother is Dakoda.  Jordan is an excellent big brother and is very protective of Dakoda.   Jordan would benefit from a family who can help keep him motivated with his academics so he can consistently play team sports.  As a side note... Jordan is thinking about going to college for engineering.