Hello, I'm Madison

AGE 11
  • Accepting inquiries for the siblings together
  • Siblings
  • Accepting local inquiries only
  • Needs flexible family
SIBLING(S) - MaKenna, David

Madison has a big heart and keeps an eye out for her younger siblings. She’s very independent, and often prefers to do things all by herself.  Madison has many interests, including painting, drama, and Girl Scouts.  She likes to help everyone and is a natural leader.  Madison has even been recognized for her leadership skills in her after school program! She is bright and is doing well in school! Madison will benefit from a family who is patient, supportive, and will set boundaries that supports her developing independence.

Madison is part of a sibling group who must be adopted together.  Her brother and sister are David and MaKenna.  Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the three of them are looking for an immediate flex family placement, who will support their visitation with their bio family and older sibling, who is not living with them.