Hello, I'm MaKenna

  • Accepting inquiries for the siblings together
  • Siblings
  • Accepting local inquiries only
  • Needs flexible family
SIBLING(S) - Madison, David

MaKenna is creative and imaginative and believes in fairies!  She likes to draw, color, and use story boards.  She loves attention and is skilled at telling elaborate stories.  MaKenna is also involved with Girl Scouts and loves soccer! She will benefit from a family who will encourage her in her daily routines, advocate for her educational needs, and support her strengths.

MaKenna is part of a sibling group who must be adopted together.  Her brother and sister are David and Madison.  Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the three of them are looking for an immediate flex family placement, who will support their visitation with their bio family and older sibling, who is not living with them.