Hello, I'm Rebecca

AGE 10
  • Free for adoption
  • Accepting local and out-of-state inquiries

This mighty girl stays busy with her many interests! Rebecca loves singing, playing with her dolls and stuffed animals, and watching television.  She enjoys food and likes eating out at restaurants.  She stays active by dancing and jumping on the trampoline.  Rebecca loves school, is a strong reader, and enjoys participating in class discussions.  Rebecca desires attention, and can be quite talkative, lovable and sweet.

Rebecca came into foster care over five years ago.  She has had quite the journey in her little life.  There are specialized supports in place which are helping her developmental progress.  The ideal family wishing to be considered, will have experience parenting children with significant behavioral needs.  She does best in a home with firm but loving boundaries, and would benefit from a caregiver who does not work outside of the home to support her ongoing needs.