Hello, I'm Tatianna (aka) Shadow

AGE 13
  • Free for adoption

Please meet Tatianna (goes by Shadow)! Shadow is a skilled, artistic 8th grader with a great sense of humor! She is creative and loves to draw and paint! At 13 years old, Shadow hopes to be a professional artist when she grows up. While Shadow has a passion for the arts, she also has many other hobbies and interests. She is a big fan of reading, and her books of choice are Japanime fiction novels, and comics! Shadow loves all things anime, and especially Japanime! She enjoys playing a few different games, including Hungry Dragon, Minecraft, and Fortnite. Shadow also loves playing board games at home. This curious teen loves sports and is a big fan of basketball! She’d love to learn how to skateboard and enjoys roller skating too! While Shadow loves going to the water park, she’s not the biggest fan of swimming! She does, however, enjoy camping, vacations (including staying in fancy hotels), and trips to the zoo! Shadow likes many kinds of foods, including, sushi, pepperoni pizza, cheeseburgers, and…bread! Her favorite food is the stir-fry that her foster mom makes for her!

Shadow is looking for an affirming family, who will support her as she grows and continues to discover who she is. She has been working on self-advocacy over the past few years and is gaining confidence and making incredible strides in expressing herself! Shadow is hoping to find a family where she can have an older sibling, and at least one paternal parent (preferably an older brother, but she is open to diverse family dynamics). A family who has animals (cat, dog, or reptile…or even a parrot!), likes to play family games, is patient, calm, and who respects her, is an ideal family for her. Shadow has some important relationships that she wants her prospective adoptive family to help her maintain.