Hello, I'm Tre’Shaila

AGE 14
  • Siblings
  • Accepting local and out-of-state inquiries
  • Needs flexible family
SIBLING(S) - Amani

Tre’Shaila is an identical twin to Amani.  Even though she looks exactly like her sister, she has her own personality and spark.  Tre'Shaila is an all around girly girl, who loves shopping!  She is somewhat reserved and enjoys spending time indoors and being on her tablet.  Tre’Shaila has an artistic side, and loves anything and everything pink.  On days she does want to branch out and not be indoors, she enjoys riding her bike with her sister and roller skating.  Much like her sister, Tre’Shaila’s favorite foods are pizza and burgers.

Tre’Shaila shares a strong bond with her sister.  They are essentially each other’s support system.  She has experienced significant trauma in her life and will need a family who is patient, loving and supportive. She needs a structured home with a family that understands trauma, and who will earn her trust and can make her feel safe.