Hello, I'm Asher

AGE 10
  • Legal risk
  • Legal Risk

Meet Asher an outgoing and independent young man who exudes confidence. Asher is very likeable and enjoys being active, whether it is playing flag football or soccer he is all for it.  His other favorite past times are playing video games, electronics, being in the water, and jumping on the trampoline.  He dreams of becoming a YouTuber or policeman when he grows up.  Asher is not at all fond of vegetables but loves veggie powder shakes.  He is learning to cook and enjoys doing so with the supervision of his caregivers.  Asher is described as guarded, easygoing, and sweet.

Asher needs a loving family, with whom he can feel safe, know the routine and expectations, and be able to experience new things.  The ideal family will provide love, support and guidance and will foster and maintain Asher’s relationship with his two half-siblings.