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Many children in foster care have bounced from multiple placements, trauma, and often times, abuse. More than anything, they need a caring and consistent adult.

Children in foster care are just like any other kid, they want to have fun and be loved unconditionally. However, often times they experience challenging situa- tions and have to make adult decisions. Seeing at least one significant person consistently that believes in them and challenges them to be the best versions of themselves is imperative. This person is often a mentor.

Becoming a mentor for a child in foster care is a great way to make the difference of a lifetime for children in need of permanency. A mentor helps build the self-esteem and self-confidence of a child by sharing in accomplishments and milestones. A mentor encourages the development of new interests, aspirations and skills.

Children in foster care have many champions, but caseloads are often large. Help shape a future by working with a caseworker to be matched with a child. Follow them throughout their journey, be attentive to their needs, advocate for them, and most importantly, be a friend.

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